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Anti-Spam Policy

Giraffemail refuses to send out Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE aka "spam") on behalf of our vendors or clients. Spam is email that is sent to a recipient that has not requested (aka opted-in) that the email be sent to him/her or where there is no existing nexis or business relationship.

Giraffemail works with our Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and our clients to maintain a global supression list of email addresses that have opted-out of receiving any emails from Giraffemail no matter which client is sending the email. Once you have requested to be placed on the Giraffemail suppression list you will not receive any email from Giraffemail, even if you have opted-in for a vendor, if that vendor uses Giraffemail. When the global suppression lists are used, the likelihood of a negative response to a campaign is reduced greatly.

Giraffemail carefully monitors the mailing lists we receive from clients to make ensure the opt-out rate is low and that the amount of reply emails from concerned or dissatisfied recipients is very low (< 0.01% of recipients). When we encounter a high opt-out rate and/or high amount of inbound complaint email, Giraffemail notifies the client of the possibility that the list being used is possibly tainted with addresses that are not opt-in. When this occurs, Giraffemail discontinues the mailing and notifies the client of the high rate of dissatisfaction. We work with our clients to determine whether there is a problem with the offer, the list(s) being used or some other technical problem. If the list is deemed to not be opt-in, or in some way tainted, the campaign is discontinued until an opt-in list is used, or the list at-hand is cleaned up to qualify as opt-in.

We take UCE or "spam" very seriously and investigate all complaints. If you feel that you have received UCE or "spam", please send us the complete email you have received along with the email headers (this is very important) to:

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Anti-spam policy
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